Welcome to Lee's Outback Grooming!

Hello! My name is Lee Kraemer Hanscom and I own and operate Lee's Outback Grooming in Brewer, Maine.

I personally check-in and go over your dog from nose to tail, answer the phone (when I can), make and book all the appointments, give your dogs a bath and haircut, and then clean up the hair at the end of the day! It's just me, so you never need to wonder who is answering the phone, or more importantly, who is handling and caring for your doggie!

I started Lee's Outback Grooming because I wanted to make sure EVERY dog has a safe and friendly environment for its nail trim, bath, haircut, or any other service it may need. I personally schedule all appointments to assure each dog gets the attention it deserves, while spending as little time away from you as possible. Usually, most services take 1 - 2 hours. A haircut can take more time depending on temperment of your dog, but I try to get a sense of how long each dog will take upon the check-in process, and I discuss any irregularities with you before you leave the salon.

I take your information so I can contact you AS SOON AS your dog is ready to be picked up, unless otherwise discussed with me.

I will personally go over the 7 points of your dog and talk health issues and hair length with you when you and your dog come in. This is to assure your dog gets the attention and haircut it wants, needs, and deserves so you're not left with an embarrassed, bald doggie!

Dog owners beware! Many dog groomers claim they are all about the wellness of your dog! However, if your dog groomer isn't on the floor with your dog, feeling over its fur, talking to it, and getting to know it upon arrival, then they shouldn't be your dog groomer. Most people don't realize it, but when I am on the floor "playing" with your dog when you come in, I am actually checking your dogs eyes, ears, nose, skin, private areas, teeth and gums to make sure the overall health of your dog is in good condition. Every dog groomer should do this!

Why? - Grooming can sometimes be very stressful to dogs, and I want to make sure your dog has a SAFE, absolutely wonderful grooming experience with me, and at the lowest possible price.